Financing in multi-publisher market

In order to facilitate the financing procedures, SoWell is registered in the multi-publisher markets UGAP and RESAH.

Our partners can therefore choose to be billed directly by SoWell or through one of these two organizations, at the lessor's discretion.

More information:

  • All products and services offered by the public purchasing center are already the result of calls for tender. Public purchasers are therefore exempt from tendering when they use UGAP.
    - When public customers order from UGAP, compliance with the rules of public procurement is guaranteed. Their purchases are legally secure, as UGAP assumes responsibility for the call for tenders.
  • By using UGAP, public customers secure and simplify their purchases.
  • By using the UGAP, public customers save time and money (purchase gain).
  • UGAP customers have immediate access to over one million references.
  • UGAP is a committed player in public policies:
    o UGAP's purchasing policy aims to guarantee its customers a competitive offer.
    o UGAP enables SMEs to gain visibility by facilitating their access to public orders.
    o UGAP supports innovative SMEs and assists them in promoting their solutions to the public sector.
    o UGAP integrates environmental criteria and/or

More information :

  • A team composed of hospital staff, public purchasers, logisticians and experts in the health sector
  • A central purchasing offer built for and with beneficiaries, adapted and differentiated according to their sector of activity (health, medico-social and social)
  • Support throughout the life of the contract, from its construction to its execution, thanks to the transversality of Resah's activities
  • Proximity and quality monitoring, particularly through the member relations team
  • A strong commitment to responsible purchasing
  • Regular sourcing to identify solutions that can contribute to the performance of the healthcare system
  • Networking to progress together on current issues (responsible purchasing, changes in the economic context, etc.)
  • Expertise in the purchase of health innovation recognized at the national and European levels