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Origin of the application

A family story

Qui sommes nous SoWell

SoWell was born from a very personal story since Donaldo DE SOUSA's mother, founding partner of SoWell, was a building caretaker. She was faced with the heavy administrative workload to report and monitor a technical incident on her residences. She was also frustrated that she could not give an immediate answer to the tenants. At the end of 2017, SoWell launched the first mobile application dedicated to building superintendents!

SoWell application équipes de proximité
social housing covered​
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property managers using the solution
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tenants have a property manager equipped with SoWell
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alerts are made each month
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security visits are carried out each year by the property managers​
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Our team

A complementary, hyper-active and passionate team, available to provide you with solutions that simplify your daily life

Qui sommes nous SoWell
Qui sommes nous SoWell

Romain Berezay

Co-founder and Commercial director

Qui sommes nous SoWell

Donaldo De Sousa

Co-founder and
Technical Director

Qui sommes nous SoWell

Thomas Martin

Customer Relations Manager

Our approach

3 Simple steps!

1- Personalized Demo

Express your needs, we will adapt the demonstration of the functionalities. Our solution is modular and configurable!

2- Testing Phase

Test our solution! We systematically suggest that our partners confirm their needs with feedback from their field team following a rapid configuration of their assets.

3- Deployment

Once the trial period has been validated and the patches applied if there are any, we will deploy our solution globally in your teams by training them.

NB : The test period is 100% free and there is no limit to the number of testers. It includes training by our teams and timely configuration of your partial or complete assets.

SoWell application équipes de proximité

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