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Our solution solves the problems you face on a daily basis, such as managing technical incidents and monitoring the status of your assets. The application helps make your teams more efficient, your organization more effective and your life a little easier.

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Incident Reporting

Customer feedback - Reporting

The social landlord NEOLIA has been using the SoWell application since 2020.

This is the opportunity to share with you the experience of Hervé Constantin, Cindy Mouchat, Séverine Besteiro and Nora Flissi !

Periodic checks

Customer feedback - Periodic control

Saiem Agire has been using the SoWell application since 2020

We had the pleasure of interviewing Vanessa Rioult, Assistant to the Director of Rental Management, and Laetitia Roinel, building guard.

Cleanliness controls

Customer feedback - Periodic control

SoWell cleanliness control - Plaine commune Habitat

Discover our new "Cleanliness Control" feature resulting from a participative project between 5 landlords and boost your quality approach with our SoWell application 💪

Removal of wrecks

Customer returns - Wreck removal

OPH Montreuillois uses the SoWell application to manage the removal of wrecked vehicles!

Here are Maroine Malki, quality manager and Mohamed Boukhezar, building guard.

SOS Alert